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About Us

Higher Level Consulting Inc. provides client-centred information that helps international graduates seeking to pursue a Canadian economics graduate program. 


Alphanso Williams



Taking your educational aspirations to a higher level means partnering with the right institution that will help you to achieve this goal. As there are several options to choose from in pursuing graduate studies, Higher Level Consulting Inc. aims to assist you in narrowing your choices and in selecting a program that matches your preferences. The higher level approach simplifies your search while saving you time and money in finding a program.


Higher Level Consulting Inc. was founded by Alphanso Williams, who successfully applied, enrolled and graduated from a Canadian graduate applied economics program. Through Higher Level Consulting Inc.,  he is able to be a valuable resource for those international graduates considering embarking on furthering their studies in Canada just like he did many years ago.


Alphanso Williams, B.Sc, M.Sc

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